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Solicited interviews, book reviews, and praise-blurb commentary available upon request




February 27th, 2019: Read an interview with poet Marie Howe  in Aquifer from the Miami Book Festival where Howe discusses her latest poetry collection, 1744863.jpg17448631744863, historical religious texts, Mary Magdalene, the work of the poet, and space in poems.



Poet, Lana Issam Ghannam, MFA

Two Tongues by Lana Issam Ghannam, forthcoming from Finishing Line Press’ New Women’s Voices Series, 2019: Praise Commentary



September 4th, 2018: Judith Roney & Danez Smith discuss poetry & Don’t Call US Dead in Aquifer, The Florida Review’s online portal for literary art, interviews & book reviews. Read the interview, held at the Miami Book Fair, here.


2018: Judith Roney, for The Florida Review’s Aquifer, interviews poet Sandra Simonds, whose latest poetry collection is Orlando, published by Wave Books. Read the interview here.



Book review appearing in Cultural Weekly on Nicole Ross Rollender’s prize-winning collection, Louder Then Everything You Love. Read the review here.