November 18th, 2019: Painted Bride Quarterly Podcast Live: Listen to the editors at PBQ discuss two poems, “Belly Up” and “Relictual Taxon.” “Episode 77: Belly Up”

November 7th, 2019: From the editors of Painted Bride Quarterly: “What a delight to discuss your work on The Slush Pile!  We’re happy to say we’ve accepted “Relictual Taxon.” The podcast will be announced when available.

November 6th, 2019: A collaborative poem,”Daydream in a Bookstore About Men in This Life” between Constance Owens (publishes as Constance Camille) & Judith Roney has been chosen as a finalist for Sundog Lit’s Collaboration Contest. Winners are expected to be announced the week of November 11th, 2019. In this “long poem,” the doll house burns!

From Sundog Lit: “We hope to announce the winner next week and publish the winner and finalists both this month and later in issue 16.”

October 17th, 2019: My interview at the Miami Book Fair with the great Charles Simic, former poet laureate of the United States, is up on Aquifer, the online portal for book reviews and interviews for The Florida Review is available here: Charles Simic Interview

October 7th, 2019: From Painted Bride Quarterly: “We would like to discuss “Belly-Up” and “Relictual Taxon” on an upcoming episode. (In fact, we’d love to discuss them on this Tuesday’s episode).”

September 4th, 2019: Atlas and Alice send a letter of acceptance for a poem, “Confirmation Number” for their upcoming fall issue.

July 29th, 2019: Cimarron Review’a poetry editor, Lisa Lewis, announces acceptance of “No Contact Order” for “The Triple Issue” due to be released in the fall of 2019. CR is one of the oldest quarterlies in the nation that publishes work by writers at all stages of their careers, including Pulitzer prize winners, writers appearing in the Best American Series, Pushcart anthologies, and winners of national book contests.

November 14th, 2018: Subprimal Poetry Art accepts “Song for Claude Neal” from the collection Bless the Wayward Boy.

November 7th, 2018: Sheila-Na-Gig accepts two poems, “Dysfunctional Sonnet” and “Sugared Skull,” for Volume 3.2, Winter 2018

October 19th, 2018: “Man-Child” wins Sinkhole magazine’s first Creative Juicing Contest

October 2nd, 2018: From Adelaide Magazine: Your fiction piece, “Why I Won’t Sleep with Donald Trump” has been accepted for publication in the October Issue of the Adelaide Literary Magazine. No.17

Parentheses Journal has nominated “News from the Dead at Dozier School for Boys” for the Orison Anthology. 

September 25th, 2018: From Two Sylvias Press:, regarding Bless the Wayward Boy:

“Dear Judith,
Thank you for submitting your manuscript to the Two Sylvias Press Chapbook Prize. While you did not win our Two Sylvias Press Chapbook Prize, your manuscript was chosen as a semifinalist in our competition! 
(If you could hold off on sharing that info on social media until all our poets have been contacted and our winners have been announce later this month, we’d truly appreciate it.)  Thank you for the opportunity to consider your work. As poets ourselves, we realize these emails are never a favorite to receive, but your manuscript came very close.

Kelli & Annetter” 

September 6th, 2018: Burrow Press notification of acceptance of the poem “East of Apalachicola Haunted” for Fantastic Florida. From the press: “I thoroughly enjoyed the tone and form of the poem, and think it captures the feeling of gritty mysticism that Florida can give off.”

September 4th, 2018: poetry of americana has accepted “American Diner” for their food-themed Issue #15. “We enjoyed your poems, and we’re pleased to say we want to publish “American Diner.”

September 4th, 2018: Interview: Judith Roney & Danez Smith in Aquifer, the online portal for The Florida Review: Read the interview held at The Miami Book Fair here.

August 29th, 2018: Roger Mitchell, of The Hamilton Stone Review, has accepted “Laetoli” and “Disquiet in Central Florida” for the upcoming issue.

A collaborative memoir of poetry and lyric essays is underway by Janine Harrison and Judith Roney, seven years apart in age, who grew up on Eggleston Avenue in Riverdale, Illinois, a south suburb of Chicago. Both writers are also English educators as well as published writers, with an interest in examining the cultural, physical, and interior landscape of the strange avenue of “Eggleston.”

Glint Literary Journal will include the poems “When I Am Nine” and “That Bullshit Line, Bone of my bones” in issue 9 due for release in Fall/Winter 2018.

Parentheses Journal is delighted to accept “News from the Dead at Dozier School for Boys” for Issue 4, 2018

Aquifer, the online journal for The Florida Review will publish interviews completed at The Miami Book Fair in 2018 with: Jim Daniels, Marie Howe, Campbell McGrath, Charles Simic, and Danez Smith