Poetry Barn Classes & Workshops


Independent Workshop Groups:

Limited to fifteen poets, we work in depth over a five-week course. Classes vary from theme-based, skill based, or the allusive pursuit of the personal aesthetic.

Information will post when classes become available. Fees vary.

The Submission Process:

A one-week class designed to familiarize and immerse the novice writer in the complex submission process.

In this class we cover all aspects of submitting work including creating the short bio, formatting, organization of work submitted, where to submit, submission guidelines, and lectures on “How to Get Published.”

The Poetry Barn:


Conjuring Women and the Contrary Craft of Poetry

This fall join Dr. Brenda Hammack and Judith Roney, MFA, for an academic & artistic interlude as we explore feminism, poetry, historical textual artifacts, and witchcraft in the workshop: “Conjuring Women and the Contrary Craft of Poetry.”

This is a 4-week course.

Register here when it becomes available.

Date: October 7th, 2019


Thinning the Veil: Risk, Intuition, and the Conjured Poem

In this poetry workshop, I will teach how to spin poetic magic from the strands of our ancient pagan beliefs, because at this time of year the veil between the living and that of the dead is thinnest. We’ll heavily draw from texts such as Erica Jong’s Witches, Frazer’s The Golden Bough, Wolfe’s The Arthurian Quest, and Witchcraft Myths in American Cultureby Marion Gibson, as well as the poetry of Sexton, Plath, Elizabeth Willis, Mary Elizabeth Coleridge and more.

Celtic peoples of the British Isles log ago saw it as a liminal time, when the boundary between this world and the “otherworld” thinned. In my workshop we’ll take advantage of this magical time of year with a bounty of prompts I’ve harvested for you.

The spirits and fairies come more easily into this world during October, and are particularly active. Together we’ll reach out to them for guidance as we walk beside the thinned mist, and conjure forth spell-poems each week in this prompt-heavy workshop. I promise you’ll leave this class feeling as if you’ve been somewhere else, long ago, reaching back to retrieve what you thought you’d lost.

This workshop has closed.


Beloved Madness: The Love Poem in the 21st Century

In this workshop we take an ultra-condensed examination of the history of the love poem, talk about what “love” is, and then move into contemporary poems as we consider the actual breadth of subjects the “love poem” might address in the 21st century.

We will consider romantic/passionate love, lost or lack of love, reading and writing poetry that addresses “learning to love the self,” and in the fourth week we’ll consider the element of “madness” in love as well as the longing, or “love” for solitude.

Each lesson will involve two parts: (1) informational/inspirational material to get your emotional ideas flowing from the imaginative subconscious, and (2) craft-based techniques for shaping and sharpening ways of expressing the multi-faceted dimension of “love” in a poem.

I’ll ask you to think about how and why we connect with those we profess to love, what it’s like to ache for a love, and at times, ask if you feel a sense of love for the “self,” then  translate that experience into your own poems. We will work to find ways to express the emotion of love and its varying degrees, sans sentimentality.

This workshop has closed.